Christmas Turkeys 2021

Order your Turkey in time for Christmas!

It is business as usual here for us. Please see below for information…

Working in direct Partnership with John Howe farm in Tenterden, our birds come with a quality assurance guarantee, which is the highest independent growing standard for Christmas turkeys. Local, free range, traditionally farmed and prepared by hand. We have enjoyed being a long standing supplier of these beautiful birds.

Further information can be found on

Please see our Turkey prices are listed below…

White Whole Turkey Oven Ready
– A white feathered bird boxed with giblets.

Bronze Whole Turkey Oven Ready
– A black feathered bird boxed with giblets.

Turkey Crown
– A double turkey breast with bone and wings.

Boneless Turkey Breast
– Pure boneless breast meat rolled with bacon wrap and/or stuffing.

All our birds are heritage breeds and outdoor reared. As a guide a five kilo bird amounts to about 16 portions. Suitable perhaps for 10 people plus leftovers for boxing day.

Minimum weights on orders are as follows…

. White and Bronze 4 kilo to 4.5 kilo

. Crown 3 kilo

. Boneless as per choice

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a ring on 01622 813080 and our staff will do their best to help.
Geese, large joints and most other alternatives will be locally sourced and ordered for Christmas.
We aim for Final orders to close on the 12th December OR sooner based on product availability.

We advise all customers to book there Turkey as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.


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